13 Ways to Enjoy the Spooky Spirit on Friday the 13th

13 Ways to Enjoy the Spooky Spirit on Friday the 13th

The first month of 2017 has given us a Friday the 13th and we’ve come up with some fun ways to celebrate the day. Some believe the day is unlucky, however, us Halloween lovers know it’s just another day to get our spooky on!

Check out some of the ways you and your friends can celebrate this Friday the 13th and let us know if you have any other traditions you participate in when the day rolls around!

  1. Visit an all year-round Haunted House
  2. Watch classic horror films
  3. Break out the Ouija Board
  4. Explore a real haunted place in your town
  5. Go on a Ghost Tour with friends
  6. Binge watch Friday the 13th
  7. Check out some Paranormal investigation stories
  8. Plan a Friday the 13th party
  9. Spend the night in a Haunted Hotel
  10. Wander around a nearby cemetery
  11. Face your superstitions
  12. Adopt a black cat (they are less likely to be adopted than other cats!)
  13. Remember that it’s Friday and celebrate all weekend long!

Be sure to celebrate the best way you know how, since the next Friday the 13th won’t take place until October. We’re already excited for an even spookier Friday the 13th during the Halloween Season!