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Photo by Cristian Iohan Ştefănescu, via Flickr

Photo by Cristian Iohan Ştefănescu, via Flickr

While Halloween might have once had its basis in religion, it’s now a time where people dress up to scare each other. Children dress up in costumes and trick-or-treat around their neighborhood. Adults and teenagers might visit Halloween attractions like haunted houses, Halloween parades and haunted hayrides. In most cases, the attractions start around the beginning of October.

Haunted Houses
Haunted Houses are one of Halloween’s most popular traditions, inviting crowds of thrill-seekers to wander through a haunt that is sometimes themed and can take place indoors, outdoors, or both. Some haunted houses stick to one theme all throughout their haunt, while others switch it up in each room.

Haunted Trails
A haunted trail usually happens in the forest or woods. It can also happen in an empty theme park. The trail is normally around a mile long and has various buildings or roped off areas with scenes and scares. The scenes are often based on scary movies like Saw. There can also be themed areas full of scary clowns or decapitated heads. The haunted trail can include a guide who walks the guests along the trail, or guests may be required to walk by themselves.

Haunted Hayrides
This haunted attraction involves guests climbing on board the back of a truck or on a wagon filled with hay. They are driven deep into a cornfield or through a forest. There are many scares that guests will see during the drive. They could witness bloody scenes of violence or monsters chasing the vehicle. This is usually an event that has face painting for children and pumpkin decorating.

Haunted Mazes & Haunted Corn Mazes
In a haunted maze, there are often dead ends and twisty turns so the guests will get completely lost inside it. There will be actors posing as monsters and scary characters along with flashing lights and props to make the guest disoriented. The length of time inside the maze depends on how well it can be navigated. Many haunted mazes claim that no one has made it through to the other side. It’s meant to scare the guests.

Haunted Theme Parks
This type of haunted attraction is usually an amusement park with rides and buildings that are converted to scary attractions in the fall. There are roller coasters and other rides that are changed to spooky or scary rides with the addition of signs and themed characters. Buildings and live shows will have a Halloween or haunted theme like small haunted buildings full of actors who will try to scare patrons. Actors in costume will roam around the park scaring customers too.

Corn Mazes & Haunted Corn Mazes
Instead of having a maze inside a building, these mazes are held in cornfields and use the cornstalks to form corridors for guests. The maze can be formed with many twists, dead ends and turns. They can be part of the haunted hayride attraction or a stand alone attraction. A haunted cornfield maze adds actors and props as well as music to scare the customers. These attractions will be held at night to increase the potential to scare customers.

Yard or Home Haunts
These small haunted attractions are held by homeowners who love to scare people. There’s usually no charge for admission. The homeowner builds elaborate, scary decorations in their yard or inside their home. He or she will allow the public inside the haunted area. Many people use fog machines and spooky music to enhance the scary mood on Halloween night.

The cost of the haunted attractions varies by the location. The attractions run by companies are usually more expensive than local haunted attractions, which are run by a farm, committee or town.