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Photo by Michael Meynsbrughen

Photo by Michael Meynsbrughen, via Free Images

Thank you for visiting and welcome to our Haunted Houses Directory! Select Your State using the map below and check out the Haunted Houses will be opening their doors in your area this Halloween Season! There’s a variety of local Haunts that offer different levels of scare factor, which means there’s something for everyone, even the kids! Some of the attractions offer additional Halloween Fun including Mazes, Spook Walks, Zombie Shootouts, Hay Rides, Pumpkin Picking, and more!

Haunt Owners work hard all year long to perfect their Haunt, so as you’re wandering through you might notice that they stick to one theme, and have created a compelling backstory that sucks you in! Some popular themes that have been popping up across the US are terrifying Asylums, epic Zombie Apocalypse Escapes, Evil Carnivals filled with killer Clowns, spooky Haunted Mansions & Castles, and Scare-Filled Graveyards, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are also plenty of traditional haunted houses, where ghosts & ghouls wait for you around every corner, and every year, Haunters are coming up with new ideas, themes, and scares to keep things fresh!

Photo by OGGHOO, via Free Images

Photo by OGGHOO, via Free Images

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Photo by David Scaglione, via Free Images

Photo by David Scaglione, via Free Images

More About Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses are for those who love to celebrate the Halloween Season with some extreme scares! There’s no limit on the spooky fun that takes place at Haunted Houses and they’re designed for both the Halloween enthusiasts, as well as those who enjoy the feeling of being frightened. (Yes, people enjoy that!) Haunted Houses can be made up of different rooms that feature various characters, decor, lighting, music and themes.

Some of the biggest Halloween Enthusiasts across the country have decided that going to a Haunt this Halloween simply isn’t enough – they’ve turned their own houses into Home Haunts! These types of Haunts can be just as good as the professional ones, and are ran by those who truly love getting into the spirit of the Halloween Season and all that comes with it.

Although there’s seemingly endless themes for haunts, there are a lot of things that haunts generally have in common with the other. They tend to set the spooky atmosphere by using unique scenes, sound effects, lighting, costumes, makeup, masks, mirrors, music and more. When entering a haunt, you’ll notice that they are often filled with darkness, and might feature bright flashing lights, and dark, ambient music. Sound effects that are frequently used include screams, whispers, cries, creepy music and the terrifying sound of chainsaws revving are popular. Another element you will notice is that some haunts will utilize both indoor and outdoor space if they have it. This means some of the haunt attractions will take place indoors, while other spooky fun awaits outdoors. Either way, whether you’re inside or out, the gruesome creatures of the haunt will be waiting for you!

Haunted Houses are driven by fear, but no matter the age, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Some haunts feature Not-So-Scary Days that are ideal for your little ghosts & ghouls to get in on the Halloween Fun. The haunt may tone down the scares for the kiddies but they’re certainly not toning down the fun! Depending on the location, some haunts will feature Holiday Crafts, Spook Walks, Corn Mazes, Haunted Hayrides, Pumpkin Picking and more!

Haunts have completely branched out over the years, still creating hyper-realistic horror but adding things like Escape Games, Zombie Hunts, and other eerie experiences that are designed to traumatize those brave enough to enter!

For the love of horror, one thing is for sure, Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without Haunted Houses!

Photo by G Schouten de Jel, via Free Images

Photo by G Schouten de Jel, via Free Images

Haunted Houses FAQ

What to Bring: Haunted Houses don’t require you to bring much. If you purchased your tickets online, be sure to bring them and have your ID on you as well, just in case they need a form of identification to go along with the tickets. Other than that, all you really need to bring is some friends; it’s never a bad thing to have a shoulder to lean on or a back to hide behind if you get too frightened!

What to Expect: Expect to be scared, of course! Haunts are filled with actors that are there for your spooky pleasure, but if you need any assistance, the staff is there to help you. Before entering, most Haunts will have some sort of sign that states what can be found inside, and if you have certain health issues, they may tell you to refrain from entering if they feel something inside can be harmful to you. Use your best judgment and have fun!

Photo by dimitri_c, via Free Images

Photo by dimitri_c, via Free Images

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