You’ve Been BOO-zed – The Adult Version of BOO-ing!

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Photo by Bunches and Bits (Karina), Flickr

Why should the kids have all the fun? The adult version of BOO-ing may have hit the streets in your neighborhood, or you might be looking to be the neighbor that starts all the spooky fun! Either way, you’re visiting this page because you’ve been BOO-zed or have plans of BOO-zing some friends of yours.

If you’re familiar with the Halloween tradition of BOO-ing, this is just as simple, and just as fun! It also includes one thing that the kid’s version doesn’t – booze! To begin, print out a version of “We’ve Been BOO-zed,” BOO-zing instructions and purchase alcohol of your choice.

Once your BOO-zing package is complete, leave it on your neighbor’s doorstep or ring their doorbell and run! Once they open the door, they’ll be welcomed by a BOO-zing treat! Once they receive their package, they have the option to keep the fun going by putting their own package together and leaving it on the next neighbor’s doorstep.

Their instructions will also tell them to hang their “We’ve Been BOO-zed” sign near their front door to let others know to move on to a home that hasn’t been BOO-zed yet. If the chain reaction goes smoothly, before you know it, the entire neighborhood will be complete with ghosts and homes full of booze!

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