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The Best Halloween Books for Young Readers

The Halloween season has arrived, and with it, the beginning of plenty of fall fun. You’re probably running around most of the day, enjoying holiday activities with the kids; but at the end of the evening, it’s nice to curl up with a good book and a few cuddles on the couch before bed. If you’re looking for some great material, why not keep the Halloween spirit alive and let the holiday guide your reading choices? Check out some of these great options for readers of all ages.

Favorite Character Books

Clifford’s Halloween follows the story of everyone’s favorite big red dog as he prepares for the season with his best friend, Emily Elizabeth. Clifford loves Halloween: dressing up, going out for candy, and all the other fun that goes along with the season.

Mickey’s Halloween is a board book appropriate for younger readers. It takes them on a Halloween journey with their favorite mouse.

The beloved Berenstain Bears celebrate Halloween with a vengeance. There are numerous Berenstain Bears books dealing with the Halloween season, including Go on a Ghost Walk,Trick or Treat, and The Prize Pumpkin. As usual, all of these tales come with a great moral lesson that’s perfect for young cubs to enjoy as they snuggle up with their parents.

It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse! brings back everyone’s favorite little mouse: the character from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. This board book will soon become your little one’s favorite Halloween story as Mouse decorates a variety of pumpkins for the Halloween season.

Spooky Tales

Kids Halloween Stories: 10 Halloween Stories for Kids is the perfect collection of spooky tales for younger readers. These scary stories add just enough of a chill that they might not be appropriate for bedtime, but your young reader will be sure to enjoy them!

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a scary story collection like no other. These creepy tales will have kids staying up long past their bedtimes, hiding under the covers with a flashlight not only to finish the stories, but to avoid their fears! These classic stories are often remembered as the best sleepover fun of an entire generation, making them well worth the investment for kids who still love scary stories.

The Goosebumps stories are often remembered as sending a little chill down the spine of kids when they needed it most. A little scary with plenty of good humor and fun, the Goosebumps series–especially the old, classic books–will appeal to many young readers who are looking for a good thrill around the Halloween season.

In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories is a group of stories designed for younger readers who think they want the scares that their older siblings enjoy, but who might prefer simpler, less chilling tales. This cute collection of “scary” stories is perfect for the younger reader in your life.

Halloween is a wonderful season. The scent of fall is in the air; it’s getting dark much earlier; and there are plenty of opportunities for scares that end in laughter and thrills that end in fun. Adding a few Halloween books to your next adventure could be the perfect way to share more of this season with your little ones.


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