You’ve Been BOO-ed!

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Photo by Eric, via Flickr

Photo by Eric, via Flickr

Are you familiar with the popular Halloween tradition of BOO-ing? If you’re visiting this page, you’ve either been BOO-ed or have plans of BOO-ing others. According to, the tradition has been around for over 20 years, but due to technology, the rules have changed a bit and it’s now super easy to print out the different BOO-ed versions.

So how does it work? It’s quite simple, really! It all begins with one neighbor, who chooses a home to leave a “We’ve Been BOO-ed” sign, complete with a copy of BOO instructions, the BOO-ed poem and some festive goodies of their choice.

BOO-ing during the Halloween Season is a lot like “Secret Santa” during Christmas time, spreading the spooky holiday spirit throughout the neighborhood. So when it comes to creating your bag full of goodies, you can add whatever you’d like! Candy is always a popular option, others include stickers, bracelets, pencils, crayons, cookies, apples or any other fun or Halloween-themed items or food!

Once your neighbor receives their BOO package, the instructions will tell them to hang the sign near their door to let others know not to BOO them a second time. (This assures everyone has a chance of being part of the BOO-ing fun!) The BOO-ee will then print out a copy of a “We’ve Been BOO-ed” sign, before placing it on another neighbor’s doorstep, complete with the instructions and poem.

Neighbors taking part in the game have a couple of different options when it comes to the delivery of their BOO package. They can ring the doorbell and run or you can simply leave it right on their doorstep if they aren’t home. This will give your neighbors quite a surprise when they arrive back home! As days go by, the signs multiply and tons of neighbors will be sporting the “We’ve Been BOO-ed” sign. Pretty soon, you’ll have a neighborhood full of ghosts!

Want to BOO one of your co-workers? The same rules apply inside the office! Make a coworkers day by placing the BOO-ed poem on their desk, along with some Halloween goodies. Before the month of October ends, the entire office will be full of spooky ghosts!

Whether you’ve been BOO-ed or were the one doing the BOO-ing, share your experience with us in the comments below!