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Photo by Ricky Brigante, via Flickr

Photo by Ricky Brigante, via Flickr

Haunted Houses take a tremendous amount of time to prepare and are carefully put together to create the ideal scare zone for the Halloween Season. From the displays, costumes, makeup and props to the lighting and sound effects, there are a number of companies that specialize in these techniques that assist Haunt owners to come up with a horrifying atmosphere to impress their guests.

Animatronics is the use of robotic devices that operate like life-like humans or animals, or something that brings lifelike characteristics to an inanimate object. Animatronics are used for entertainment, films and of course – haunted houses!

  • The Evocative Workshop – Lynbrook, NY – 516-778-8480
    A special effects arts studio that specializes in creature creation, audio/visual design and direction, makeup and practical/digital effects integration.
  • Pale Night Productions – St. Louis, MO – 314-773-0077
    Specializes in animatronic props, video effects and prosthetic makeup appliances for the haunted attraction industry.
  • Nevermore Productions – Chambersburg, PA – 717-414-2242
    Specializes in haunt animatronics and realistic props designed for the professional haunt.
  • Jon-Jac, Inc. – Bergen County, NJ – 201-803-4573
    Specializes in creating animatronics as well as fixing them. Also have their own line of products.
  • HauntBots – New Oxford, PA – 1-800-273-BOTS (2687)
    Specializes in providing animatronic control systems and audio repeaters to haunted attractions, mini golf courses, amusement parks and hobbyists.

Blogs & Resources
Although Halloween only comes around once a year, their are true fans that enjoy showing off their passion for the holiday all year round. Some will show their love for their spooky season by writing about it in blogs.

Costumes are one of the most important things when it comes to creating a terrifying haunt. You want to assure that the costumes will complete the character you’re looking to create, whether it be a zombie, gargoyle, mummy, evil doctor or possessed animal. Some are more intricate than others, but even the simple ones are made to petrify!

  • Robot Costumes USA – St. Augustine, FL – 904-535-0074
    Specializes in the making of robot costumes that vary in height from 5’8″ – 6’3″ tall. Ships worldwide.
  • Superfan Suits – Chicago, IL 
    Spandex suits that can be customized to your liking – with over 100 styles to choose from.
  • Morris Costumes – Charlotte, NC – 704-333-4653
    Features adult, children’s and mascots costumes along with masks, decor, props, wigs, hats and more.
  • Outlaw Haunt Productions – 856-223-5170
    Offers premiere custom costumes, masks and props designed for haunted attractions.
  • Dolls Gone Wrong – 505-603-2412
    Luxury-wear for the wicked and the pure – including costumes, clothing, coats and corsets.

Fog Machines
It’s all about the atmosphere at a Haunted House, which is where the fog machines absolutely come in handy. Fog creates a spooky vibe and sometimes makes it quite difficult to see what is ahead. This creates an illusion that horrifies visitors, as they’re unsure as to who or what may be right beside them!

  • Froggy’s Fog – Columbia, TN – 615-469-4906
    A manufacturer that sells fluids for every effect. Includes fog machines, haze machines, bubble machines, a variety of scents additives, lighting, chemicals, fog chillers and more.
  • Master Fog – Plainfied, IL – 877-578-6577
    Specializes in theatrical effects fluids and features a variety of fog and haze fluids that are used with healthy ingredients.
  • Simply Fog Juice – Janesville, WI – 608-563-5555
    A USA made fog fluid formula that used natural and safe ingredients approved by the FDA.

Haunt Design / Consulting
While preparing for the Halloween Season, many Haunts come up with a theme they stick to all throughout their Haunt, while others like to switch the themes up from room to room. Haunt Design Companies can assist with themed attractions and help give terrifying ideas to complete the ultimate Haunted House.

  • Hauntrepreneurs – 972-951-5100
    A themed attraction design and consulting company that offers different “phases” for your Haunted House.
  • Lanner Design, Inc. – 702-427-5777
    Specializes in advertising and design for the entertainment and haunt industries.
  • Universal Concepts – Cumming, GA – 770-887-0954
    A full service design company that provides commercial decor to entertainment venues, parks, lifestyle centers and more.

How To Books & DVDs
Whether you’re a Haunt owner that is just starting out or have been in the business for years, there are always new and exciting ideas out there that can bring your Haunt to the next level. How to Books & DVDs are a great help and can give some pointers to those who either need help starting out or just want to give their Haunt a complete makeover!

Haunted Houses are made to frighten people, which is why it’s extremely important to have insurance. There can be injuries among visitors and even staff members. Some individuals may think they can handle the scare factor at your Haunt, not realizing they can’t until they step inside. Fainting spells are common, along with more severe cases such as heart attacks or seizures.

  • Donat Insurance Services, LLC – New Lisbon, WI – 608-847-2604
    A service that insures haunted attractions and other special events in all 50 states. Ken Donat is the Director of Special Events and has been helping clients since 1991.
  • Castle Rock Agency Inc. – New York, NY – 212-360-2334
    An agency that insures haunted houses for up to 90 days anywhere in the United States.
  • Frazier Insurance Specialty Brokers – Midlothian, VA & Richmond, VA – 804-754-7610
    Insurance company that insures haunted events including haunted houses, corn mazes, tractor-drawn hay rides, haunted forests and permanent structures.

Lighting has a powerful way of creating ambiance in a room, which is why Haunted Houses utilize unique lighting to create some serious spook. Whether it’s an extremely dim light or strobe lights that create a freaky feeling among visitors, the lighting is an important tool that Haunt owners use all throughout their attraction.

  • Black Light Attractions – St. Louis, MO – 314-504-3970
    Helps build attractions for clients all over the world and specializes in special effects, blacklight attractions, theming, walk through attractions, dark rides, fun-houses, laser tag and more.
  • Mini Spotlight – Kewaunee, WI – 920-255-1975
    Specializes in mini LED spotlights, low voltage lighting and LED pin spot.
  • Venom VFX – 585-880-1726
    An entertainment effects company that specializes in haunted attractions.
  • TLS Productions – Ann Arbor, MI – 810-220-8577
    A stage lighting equipment supplier that also specializes in supplying BenNye products, for your makeup and blood supply needs.

Magazines & Trade Publications
The Haunted House industry is quite substantial and is continuing to grow year by year. Magazines and Trade Publications have used Haunted Houses as topics to write about and even have created magazines just for Halloween-related content. This helps get the word out about Haunt and is an even better way to introduce new features to your Haunt.

  • 13th Hour Magazine – Mishawaka, IN – 574-256-6666
    Digital magazine that covers haunts, Halloween attractions, entertainment and technology.
  • Haunted Attraction Magazine
    A digital publication that covers the Haunted Attraction industry for over 15 years.
  • Fright Times 
    A printed Haunted House and Halloween Magazine.

Makeup Artists
Character makeup at Haunted Houses is another technique that is among the most important. The gruesome makeup is meant to startle visitors and some are so detailed that it’s hard to believe someone created it by hand.

  • Wolfe Face Art & FX – Orlando, FL – 407-730-9820
    A makeup design company that specializes in unique products and fast-paced face painting.
  • Paasche Airbrush Co. –  Chicago, IL – 773-867-9191
    A manufacturer of airbrushes and compressors along with manual and automatic spray painting equipment.
  • Jaime Gruber Makeup – New York/California – 914-388-4830
    A bi-coastal makeup artist who trained at Westmore Academy for Cosmetic Arts in Los Angeles. She has worked photo shoots, independent films, commercials, weddings and live theater.
  • Decimated Designs – New Britain, CT – 203-936-7395
    Specializes in makeup FX, masks, props, costumes, signs, makeup products, fog, lighting, airbrushing, haunt design & more.

Whether you have just begun your Haunt journey or have had a Haunted House for years, it’s always important to market your business to gain more customers during the Halloween Season.

  • Haunted House Media – Long Island, NY – 888-228-5265
    A network of regionally based Haunt Sites that provide visitors with up-to-date, localized information about all the haunts in their area.
  • Spooky Dawson Marketing Group – Bend, OR – 541-280-8997
    A marketing agency that specializes in graphic design, web design, social media, photography, film and custom screen printing.
  • Massive Noise – Denver, CO – 720-500-2666
    A full service digital marketing agency made up of haunted house owners and digital marketers.
  • Designing the Fear – Valley Village, CA – 747-245-5383
  • A multi-platform difital media agency and attraction consutant focused on the haunt and horror industry.

Masks & Prosthetics
Masks and Prosthetics are common items used by Haunt owners and they are a much simpler way to intimidate visitors because they’re already made for you and don’t require too much time the way make up does. The variety of masks out there that are made to scare are absolutely endless – there are so many to choose from!

  • Night Terror Productions
    Specializes in making latex and silicone masks, along with horror props, haunted house design, makeup and special effects.
  • Krooked Kreations – Englewood, CO – 720-440-2581 
    Specializes in the making of silicone, latex and burlap Halloween/horror masks, chest pieces and props.
  • Grim Stitch Factory – 289-707-4746
    Specializes in making one-of-a-kind, hand-make scarecrow masks as well as props, weapon antiques and horror paraphernalia.
  • Immortal Masks – San Dimas, CA – 909-599-5319
    Creator of silicone masks and custom creatures made by real Hollywood FX artists.
  • Mad Monster Masks – CA 
    Creates two-piece horror monster masks that move with your own jaw.
Photo by Waferboard, via Flickr

Photo by Waferboard, via Flickr

Music & Audio Production
While watching movies, the music played in the background is normally what gets us amped up to see what’s next. Haunted Houses utilize this as well, using spooky tunes and audio to get hearts racing and blood flowing.

  • Audio Sparx – 1-866-830-7039
    Features horror thriller music and SFX for Halloween including cannibal feasts, Satanic chanting, scurrying rats, haunted houses, zombies, vampires and other paranormal settings style music.
  • Shadow’s Symphony 
    Musical artist – Genre: Gothic, horror and Halloween music.
  • Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks – Chardon, OH 
    Genre: Horror and Halloween, Gothic and fantasy orchestral instrumental music
  • Sinful Audio – Portland, OR – info@sinfulaudio.com
    Original, quality sound effects for Haunted Attractions and Escape Rooms.  Sinful Audio offers sound design services specific to your attraction and theme.
  • DESPYRE – Long Island, NY – Weatheredct1@aol.com
    Genre: Metal/Hard Rock – on its way to taking the world by storm, DESPYRE’s new album will be out Fall and was produced by legendary guitarist Joey Z, from Life of Agony.
  • Zombie-Works  – Bay Village, OH – Buzz@zombie-works.com
    Zombie-Works presents ghoulish music by Nox Arcana and Buzz-Works for your haunted attraction.

Just as Haunted Houses during the Halloween Season are popular, some like to go the extra mile and explore “real” haunted locations. These can include houses, abandoned buildings, hospitals or asylums, cemeteries, roads and bridges – just to name a few. Paranormal groups are passionate about ghost hunting and enjoy the thrill of it, they also put your curiosities to peace or prove to you that you may have been right about that ghost you thought was lingering!

Printing Services
Although a ton of things are done online now, it’ll still come in handy to have actual print outs surrounding your business. Whether you’re attending an event and need to have flyers handed out, or are having them made to hang up in a store front window to promote your business, it’s a great idea to have them professionally printed so they look the best as possible!

  • Mucky Chris – New Jersey – chrism8001@gmail.com
    Creates characters by utilizing 3D printing.

The props featured at your haunt will create a lasting impact on your visitors, so the more gruesome they are, the better! People go to Haunted Houses to feed their appetite for fright, so that’s exactly what you want to give them. There are a ton of life-like props nowadays that Haunt owners utilize to give their Haunt a realistic approach, all while scaring the living day lights out of those brave enough to enter.

  • Haunted Props  – Farmingdale, NY – 631-940-1644
    Props business that specializes in Haunted House and Halloween props such as gore props, Halloween masks and costumes, lighting effects and even complete Haunted House rooms and packaged deals.
  • Gore Galore – Cynthiana, IN – 812-622-0088
    Features a wide variety of Halloween and Haunt related products, including gory apparel, giant costumes, complete scenic packages, zombie targets, animations, hand held weapons and more.
  • Poison Props – Inglewood, CA
    Customizes in making build-to-order quality props that are built to scare and last. Props usually finish within 2-3 weeks.
  • When Hinges Creak – Dallas, TX – 214-399-6425
    A haunted hardware store that features haunted house supplies and props.
  • Oak Island Creative/Scare Products – Crestwood, KY – 502-241-9008
    Haunted House suppliers that specializes in creating props for haunted attractions, along with scents, audio, lighting, fabrics and more.
  • The Bloody Syringe – Wisconsin – 608-751-6915
    Creator and supplier of medical props for haunted attractions.
  • Autograph Foliages – Cleveland, OH – 212-426-6151
    Manufacturers of quality artificial foliages, operating since 1971.
  • Zombie-Works – Bay Village, OH – Buzz@zombie-works.com
    “If it walks but doesn’t breathe, we’ve got it covered!” Zombie-Works features unique zombie items and artwork, dark decor and haunting music, providing you with products you simply cannot find anywhere else! Custom work is available upon request. 

While some fear fire, others find a thrill in it and like to mess around with it. Pyrotechnics is for those who enjoy fire and are also quite good at using it to create an intense performance or display. Some Haunts utilize Pyrotechnics within their haunt while others use it outside, sort of like an introduction to the Haunt. It takes carefulness and patience so it’s important to assure safety of those at your Haunt while this takes place.

  • Orlando Special Effects – Orlando, FL – 407-648-1867
    A full service special effects company that specializes in indoor/outdoor fireworks and pyrotechnics, fog effects, flame and fire effects and more.
  • SIGMA Services, Inc. – Plant City, FL – 813-737-1904
    Specializes in flame effects, fog effects, water effects and confetti effects.

Safety Supplies
As mentioned earlier, safety is extremely important at Haunts, for both the employees and visitors. It is critical that you have the proper safety equipment on hand in case of an emergency to assure everyone is secure while being spooked or while doing the spooking!

Social Media Management
Social Media has had enormous growth throughout the past few years, which makes it a no-brainer as to why companies utilize it to promote their businesses. It’s a quick way to spread the word and gets shared with thousands of people that would be unreachable if promoting took place in person. It’s also a great way to share photos, videos and events taking place at your Haunt!

  • Promo Social – Scottsdale, AZ – 1-888-488-2444
    A marketing agency that allows customers to gain social media exposure at any event.

Ticketing Services
Although most Haunts allow the purchase of tickets at the door, almost all of them offer advanced ticket sales online. This makes it easier for visitors to purchase ahead of time and when they get to the haunt, they already have their tickets in hand. Ticketing services allows other ways for your visitors to buy your tickets, rather than just being able to get them from your site. Ticketing services can also help provide wristbands for your Haunt.

  • National Ticket Company – 1-800-829-0829
    For over 100 years, this company has provided tickets and ticketing solutions to the entertainment, amusement and sports industries.
  • TicketLeap – Philadelphia, PA
    An online ticket sales and event marketing company.
  • TicketSocket – Newport Beach, CA – 888-633-7105
    Company that provides tools and platforms for developers and marketers to build their own custom ticketing & registration software platforms.
  • MedTech Wristbands – Orlando, FL – 1-866-815-7550
    Offers a selection of printable Tyvek paper wristbands, Plastic wristbands, and vinyl wristbands.

Tools & Equipment
If you take a look behind the scenes of a Haunted House, you’ll be able to see just how much work is put into all the details. Tools and equipment are important and will also make a Haunt owner’s life much easier, especially if certain items take care of things all on their own.

  • Shaffer Distributing – Columbus & Cleveland, OH, St. Louis, MO, Detroit, MI & Indianapolis, IN 
    Source for vending machines, music and amusement games.

Trade Shows & Conventions
These types of events are a wonderful way to promote your Haunt business while having the opportunity to network with others. You’ll also be able to meet face to face with some of the biggest Halloween fans in the country! Hundreds of exhibitors sign up for Trade Shows & Conventions, including Haunt owners, prop creators, makeup artists, special effects companies and lighting services – just to name a few. It’s all you’ll need for your haunt jam-packed into one place!

Website Design & Development
When you’re running a business in this day and age, it’s a major key to assure you have a website that is impressive. If your business is successful, you want your website to match that. Some Haunt owners run things themselves, while others have Website Design & Development companies make their site the best it can be, which also helps bring more traffic to it, and we know what that means… more traffic = more visitors!

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Photo by Ricky Brigante, via Flickr

Photo by Ricky Brigante, via Flickr