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Photo by Lance Rutherford, via Flickr

Photo by Lance Rutherford, via Flickr

Put a twist on things this Halloween season by not just attending a traditional Haunted House, but by journeying through a Haunted Spook Walk or Trail. If you’re one that enjoys a good thrill, these walks are sure to give you just that! Here in Alabama, there are a bunch happening all throughout the spooky season and the creatures that are hiding inside these trails will be awaiting the sound of your frightened footsteps.

Venture through the woods on a dirt path, with little to no light to help guide your way. Without warning, the monsters of the trails will be jumping out at you, doing their best to make you jump and scream! Some will slowly follow behind you, shouting or whispering eerie things from beside you. Just as you think you’ve escaped them, the next creature is already planning on making you their latest victim! Beware as you enter, and tread lightly as you wander.

Photo by Daniel Coomber, via Flickr

Photo by Daniel Coomber, via Flickr

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Photo by Jordan Crowe, via Flickr

Photo by Jordan Crowe, via Flickr

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Graham Creek's Haunted Forest

23030 Wolf Bay Dr
Foley, AL

Open between Oct 29, 2021 and Oct 30, 2021

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Nightmare at 3008

1731 Decatur Highway
Fultondale, AL

Open between Oct 26, 2021 and Nov 5, 2021

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Sloss Fright Furnace

20 32nd Street North
Birmingham, AL

Haunted Houses, Haunted Trails, Theaters & Plays
The Haunted Chicken House

7522 Hwy 431
Heflin, AL

Open between Oct 29, 2021 and Oct 31, 2021

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