What’s The Deal With The Teal Pumpkins This Halloween

What’s The Deal With The Teal Pumpkins This Halloween

If while out driving, or walking around your neighborhood, you’ve spotted some stand-out, out-of-the-ordinary teal pumpkins, don’t worry you’re not seeing things and you’re the only one. These teal pumpkins signify something, and they signify something important. Food allergies.

Thousands of children in the United States suffer from food allergies and have to be very careful about the different things they consume. This means Halloween candy too! A teal pumpkin, is a sign to those with food allergies that this house is safe to stop by because they will be giving out allergen-free candy, or non-edible goodies, so there are no doubts about whether or not a child can eat/take what is given to them as they go trick or treating with their friends and family.

Pretty cool, huh?

The “Teal Pumpkin Project” is a national campaign by FARE, the Food Allergy Research & Education group.

Photo by Instagram User @emilyfairall via Instagram.