Spice up your Homescreen with Halloween Wallpapers!

Spice up your Homescreen with Halloween Wallpapers!

Halloween is a special occasion wherein everyone dresses up in creepy attires and indulges in activities of the eerie kind. While you attempt to make your home ambiance graver and spookier, lets not forget to extend the spookiness to your digital devices as well. Halloween wallpapers on your desktop and Smartphone enhances the air of creepiness around you, and more importantly, keeps you in the festive mood throughout.

These digital Halloween themed wallpapers are created by the best digital artists in town, and you can choose from a collection of scary, spooky, kid-friendly, and funny wallpapers to customize your desktop, mobile phone and tablet screens. The wallpapers vary in size and resolution so that you can crop, drag, resize as you wish or place them on any background in order to best match them to your device’s screen resolution. Given below are some of the best Halloween wallpapers that we’d handpicked for you.


Photo © Disney

 1. Disney by Wallcoo

Celebrate this Halloween with your beloved Disney characters. Watch Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and many others commemorating the occasion with all the necessary Halloween related stuffs like ghosts, haunted houses, trees, cats and bats.

The wallpaper is currently available only at a single size of 1024×768, suitable for desktop computers.





© WallpaperStock

2. Bunny Manor by WallpaperStock

Another fine piece of art depicting a real royal mansion which looks dead haunted. The name, Bunny Manor doesn’t seem to suit this mansion well, as one can be pretty much sure that there will be more horrifying things than what you call as bunnies in the house.

Download the wallpaper in two different sizes, in the normal 1024×768 resolution or in the more wider, more scarier 1280×800 resolution.



Photo © Wallcoo

3. Spider Web by Wallcoo

Sometimes, just a spider might be more than enough to create a great scary ambience. This wallpaper adds even more spice to it by combining it with a very large spider-web held between some dead haunted trees.

This creepy wallpaper is available for wide screen display devices in sizes like 1140×900, 1680×1050 and 1920×1200.




Photo © Wallcoo

4. Haunted House by Wallcoo

There’s nothing more scarier than a haunted house in an isolated land. The cartoonish artwork of a mysterious old mansion surrounded by bats, cats, dead trees, tombstones etc present in a cloudy, moonlit environment is sure to provide a spooky look to your home-screens.

With so many details in a single picture, this wallpaper by Wallcoo is more suitable for very wide screens and is available in the following three sizes: 1440×900, 1680×1050 and 1920×1200.



Photo © Wallcoo

5. All Hallows Eve Girl by Wallcoo

A very well drawn and well made wallpaper which portrays a beautiful girl reminiscing someone very close to her, in an ideal Halloween-ish background. The large pumpkin, golden leaves, the old tree etc symbolizes the occasion of a perfect Halloween night.

This is more suited as a desktop wallpaper and is available only in a single dimension of 1024×768.





Photo © WallpaperStock

6. Halloween Night by WallpaperStock

Let the illustration of a haunted locality with silhouette images of haunted houses, trees, bushes and bats grace up the main screen of your device in this Halloween. A simple wallpaper that is very effective in bringing about that famous eerie feel.

WallpaperStock offers this Halloween wallpaper in any of the following dimensions: 1024×768, 1152×864, 1280×960 and 1600×1200.




Photo © Vladstudio

 7. Trick or Treat? Pac-Man Edition by Vladstudio

Set this picture as your wallpaper which reminds you of the very popular Pac-Man game. The wallpaper which seems like a screenshot from the game includes some funny, ghostly characters that really suit the mood of a Halloween season.

This spoofy wallpaper is available in almost all sizes ranging from 800×600 till 2880×1800 , suitable for any type of devices like desktop PC’s, iPad’s, Tabs and other cell phones.




© Vladstudio

8. The Gathering Storm by Vladstudio

These spooky group of ghosts have already got hold of the clouds and is ready to welcome you with a gathering storm. You can also find silhouette images of some haunted houses and trees far away. Another fine Halloween creation!

This particular wallpaper can greet your home screens in every device of yours. Available in almost all of the wallpaper sizes suitable for desktop computers or mobile devices.




Photo © JoBlo

 9. Halloween (1978 Movie) by JoBlo

This section features two different wallpapers, of which both of them are made as an ode to the 1978 horror classic, Halloween. Just like the movie, the wallpapers too can bring about that scary feel whenever you look into it.

Each of the wallpapers is available in two different sizes, 800×600 and 640×480.




© Halloween Wallpapers

 10. Ghostly Ghouls by Halloween Wallpapers

These ghostly demons are already in motion and can catch up to you in no time. Set this as your wallpaper to enjoy the spine-chilling feel whenever you reach out to your home screen.

The wallpaper is downloadable in a single size but can be tweaked for any type of device.





Photo © WallpaperStock

11. A Ghostly Happy Halloween by WallpaperStock

Celebrate Halloween by getting yourselves welcomed by this small group of cute, smiling ghost icons as soon as you open your screen.

Available to greet you in the following sizes: 1024×768, 1152×864, 1280×1024, 1280×960 and 1600×1200.





© Wallcoo.net

12. Black Cat by Wallcoo.net

This stunning wallpaper by Wallcoo.net depicts an angry black cat yowling at something which it doesn’t seem to like. Unlike the usual cartoonish images, this one seems a bit more real. Thankfully, the cat isn’t staring right at your eyes!

This free creation is available to set as your wallpaper in the following sizes: 1440×900, 1680×1050, or 1920×1200.




Photo © Vladstudio

13. Halloween Ghosts by Vladstudio

Experience a slight sense of horror as these three creepy ghosts watch over you everytime you load up your screen. The creator Vlad Studios, have also made these wallpaper available in a bluish background which is even more scary.

This Halloween wallpaper can be downloadable at any size and any type suitable for both personal computers and mobile devices alike.




Halloween Black Bats

© Background-Wallpapers.com

 14. Black Bats by Background-Wallpapers

There’s no Halloween without bats. This wallpaper underlines the fact even more by showing not just one, but hundreds of flying bats in a midnight sky. A true symbol depicting the arrival of Halloween!

The wallpaper is available to download in the size of 1024×1024.








Photo © Vladstudio

15. A Cheshire Kitten by Vladstudio

Add up more spice to your Halloween by choosing this wallpaper of a spooky black kitten in an eerie background. Another fine piece of art from Vlad Studios!

This wallpaper is available in different sizes for both single and wide screen monitors, the iPhone, iPad and also for a variety of other cell phones.