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Photo by Todd Heft, via Flickr

Photo by Todd Heft, via Flickr

Make the best out of this year’s Halloween Season by venturing through the darkness on a Haunted Hay Ride. You’ll be sent on a frightening journey where you’re forced to sit and watch as the creatures come towards your wagon, their eyes fixated on potential victims – including you! And just because you’re moving, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe from the terror that awaits.

Experience the fear with some friends and head to one of Idaho’s hair-raising Haunted Hay Rides. You won’t want to miss out on all that’s in store during the Spooky Season! And remember, these aren’t your usual hay rides that feature a relaxing stroll – these rides will be infested with monsters of all kinds, eerie noises and screams of those around you. So hop aboard a Haunted Hay Ride this Halloween, that is, if you dare!

Photo by Derek Bruff, via Flickr

Photo by Derek Bruff, via Flickr

Haunted Hay Rides Near Idaho

Photo by Brandon Tucker, via Flickr

Photo by Brandon Tucker, via Flickr

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The Haunted River

501 N 3100 E
Menan, ID

Haunted Houses, Haunted Hay Rides, Haunted Trails, Haunted River Tours
SRD's Haunt

10588 Fairgrounds D Barn
Pocatello, ID

Open between Oct 4, 2024 and Nov 2, 2024

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