– A Go-To Blog for Halloween Lovers – A Go-To Blog for Halloween Lovers

For Halloween fans like ourselves, we not only celebrate during the season, but all year round. No matter what we can do to keep the spirit alive throughout the year, we do it! Some of us like to attend Halloween Conventions and Trade Shows that are held throughout the U.S., while others work on making their Halloween costume to assure it’s perfect by the time the holiday arrives.

For our fellow fans, we have another must see blog that is sure to satisfy your appetite for all things Halloween. features upcoming Halloween events, reviews on your favorite Horror and Halloween flicks, fun and seasonal Halloween wallpapers to share with friends, and a ton of great reads about all the best Horror and Halloween information taking place in the world today. There’s even some Halloween Tunes to get you into the spooky spirit!

So when you’re feeling in the Halloween mood and need a pick-me-up during any other month besides October, checking out some of your favorite Halloween blogs are a great idea to keep the spirit going until the season arrives. And like they say on I Remember Halloween, “Halloween is playful, but mischievous. It’s fun, but macabre. It’s darkly comic. Like the best commercial haunted houses, it scares you, then makes you laugh.” We couldn’t agree more!

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