Here’s How Hershey is Preparing for a Pandemic Halloween

Here’s How Hershey is Preparing for a Pandemic Halloween

2020 has not been a year like the others we are used to and for the Halloween Season, it may be no different. Luckily, we got wind of Spirit Halloween opening their thousands of stores across the country, giving spooky season lovers some hope for a somewhat “normal” holiday. For The Hershey Company, the Halloween Season makes up about 10% of their annual sales, according to Candy Industry.

The chocolate company seems rather optimistic though to take on a Halloween Season during a pandemic. Michele Buck, the company’s Chairman and CEO, discussed the spooky holiday on a recent conference call regarding second quarter earnings, “Halloween celebrations are likely to be different this year, with an earlier start to the season and more geographic differences than in prior years,” Buck said. “We expect that there will be more at-home activities, with families sharing timeless traditions and new ways for people to celebrate with neighbors.”

Half of the company’s product is purchased for self-consumption, as in at home for an individual to enjoy. The other half is made up of sales from trick-or-treating. Candy Industry stated that “the most popular Halloween packtypes (assortment and snack size) have shown about a 12 percent growth across the marketplace during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Hershey’s has already been sending out Halloween orders since May, shining a hopeful light on the 2020 Halloween Season ahead. We are almost certain that consumers will stir up some safe and creative ways to trick-or-treat this Halloween Season and Hershey’s will most likely be in the goodie bags of many!

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