Complete Your Halloween Haunt with Froggy’s Fog – A Fluid for Every Effect!

Complete Your Halloween Haunt with Froggy’s Fog – A Fluid for Every Effect!

Serious thought and time is put into planning a Haunted House, as they are prepped months and months ahead of time to assure their scare factor is top notch. Many techniques go into creating the ideal haunt, including costumes, makeup, masks, props, decor, lighting, sound effects and even scents! Our five senses are quite powerful and haunt owners enjoy making visitors use each to terrify them as they wander through the haunted attraction.

The atmosphere is set and those brave enough to enter will be thrown into a world of the unknown. What will be next? Who will be around that corner? These questions run through the minds of haunt-goers, and the scenery around them comes into play to create the ultimate scare zone. Smells awaken them, as they wonder what could be creating such a stench.

If you’re interested in petrifying your visitors, Froggy’ will help you create the ideal haunted house, using their fog machines, fog juice and fluid scent additives. Froggy’s Fog makes it simple to order right online and gives you the choice of the Pleasant Sampler, Neutral Sampler or Stinky Sampler.

With the Pleasant Sampler, you’ll get the scents of Popcorn, Pumpkin Spice, Cotton Candy or Lime Mint. The Neutral Sampler features Haunted House, Swampy Marsh, Rainforest or Gothic. Lastly, there’s the Stinky Sampler, featuring smells of Chainsaw, Sulfur/Volcano, Hospital or Charred Corpse. To add to the fun, Froggy’s Fog even has lighting, bubble machines, haze machines and more – all great additions for any haunt!

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Photo Credit: Froggy’s Fog, Facebook