Halloween Pranks That Everyone Will Love, After They’re Done Being Scared!

Halloween Pranks That Everyone Will Love, After They’re Done Being Scared!

Halloween is well-known for its gruesome decor and bloody props, and for completely scaring the living daylights out of people! Take matters into your own hands this Halloween Season and play some creepy pranks on your friends and family.

If you plan on having a Halloween bash, these ideas would also work for some seriously scary decor. Check them out below!

  • Dead Body in a Bag
    Collect a bunch of milk cartons or various plastic containers and form the shape of a human body with them. Once the body shape is formed, use duct tape to secure a black garbage bag around it.
  • Creep in the Passenger Seat
    Cover the head rest of your passenger seat with a scary Halloween mask. Drive around at night or park your car on a busy street, and watch as passerby’s get freaked out by the view!
  • Fake Candy Apples
    A popular treat during the Fall Season, candy apples are absolutely delicious – but not when they’re really onions disguised as apples! Purchase some onions and cover them in chocolate, then serve to your friends and family!
  • Creepy Crawler in the Worst of Places
    Draw a black spider on the toilet paper so when your family member goes to use the bathroom, they’ll receive a not-so-friendly surprise!
  • Your Head in a Jar
    Print out a large photo of your face, laminate it and place inside an old jar with some food coloring. Once your paper face is inside the jar, place in your fridge or on the counter and wait for the screams!
  • Plastic Cockroaches
    Cockroaches are never a pretty site, especially if they’re in your bed. Purchase some plastic cockroaches and scatter them across the bed of your prank-ee. As the sun goes down and they get ready for bed, they’ll be greeted by the creeper crawlers!
  • Bloody Mirror Message
    Take some red lipstick and write a bloody message on the bathroom mirror, such as “Help Me” or  “I See You.” Add a hand-print to make it even creepier!

Have a creepy Halloween prank idea you’d like to share with us? Comment below!