‘Halloween’ Inspired ‘Myers House’ Owner in Search of Housemate

‘Halloween’ Inspired ‘Myers House’ Owner in Search of Housemate

How would you Halloween lovers feel about living in The Myers House in Hillsborough, North Carolina? That’s right! The current owner of the home is in search of a housemate!

The life-size replica of the home from the 1978 horror film is owned by Kenny Caperton, and he recently posted to the home’s Facebook page to let everyone know that he is seeking a male or female roommate to occupy an unfurnished bedroom that features a bathroom and walk-in closet.

According to TWC News, the home is located about a half hour from downtown Durham and along with Kenny, Emily Caperton also resides at the home, with their two cats Loki and Siva.

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Photo by The Myers House NC | via Facebook