Various Ways to Decorate With Mason Jars this Halloween

Various Ways to Decorate With Mason Jars this Halloween

Mason jars have become quite the trend in the past couple of years, being used for anything from parties, to home decor, to centerpieces at weddings. They allow for a wide range of creativity and can make for a fun craft project that even the kids can participate in!

By using mason jars during the Halloween Season, you’ll save money and have some seriously cool decorations! They can even be used at your Halloween bash for the food and drinks! The options are endless, especially since they come in different sizes! Check out the ideas below and get started on your planning:

Paint, Paint, Paint
There are a few different options when it comes to painting mason jars. You can paint the entire jar one color and dress it up a bit by painting bats, pumpkins, cats, or any other Halloween theme on the outside, or you can create different patterns using Fall colors.

To make things easier and less messy, pour the paint inside the jar, close the lid, and then shake! You now have a colorful jar, without having to wait for it to dry! Take it a step further and get creative by using glow in the dark or chalkboard paint. The chalkboard paint would have to be applied to the outside of the jar, followed by a festive message or Halloween drawing to complete the look!

Transform Into A Luminary
A fun way to light the way to your front door is by transforming mason jars into luminaries. Drop some LED tea lights inside and dress them up however you’d like. Line the jars in front of your home for a beautiful touch that can turn spooky once the sun goes down!

Turn your mason jars into tiny mummies for an easy yet impressive Halloween decoration! All you need for this craft are some googly eyes, gauze, adhesive, scissors and of course, your mason jars. Apply adhesive to the bottom of the jar and cut the gauze into strips before wrapping around the jar. Be sure to overlap each strip to create the perfect mummy-look! Once your jar is all wrapped up, glue on those googly eyes!

Spell Something Out
Send a message with your mason jars by spelling something festive with them. Designate a letter to each jar, and spell things like “BOO!,” “FALL,” or “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” Paint each letter onto the jars by using stencils to assure each letter is the same size. Once the letters are dry, add some festive decor to the jars. Throw in some candy corn or fill them up with leaves for the perfect Fall touch!

Create a Halloween Creature
It’s actually quite simple to turn your mason jars into a group of Halloween monsters. By using certain items, you can create ghosts, Frankenstein’s, pumpkins or evil witches! These creatures are easy to make with the help of some everyday items like tissue paper, paint, scissors, and googly eyes.


Transform your mason jar into a snow globe-like decoration (without the snow!) by creating a terrarium for your ghostly decorations. Create a spooky graveyard scene using twigs from your yard, gauze, styrofoam, and of course, googly eyes for your ghost! Your terrarium can be turned into any type of setting you’d like, depending on your Halloween theme. It’s also an entertaining craft for the kiddies to join in on!

Put That Decor to Use!

Complete your Halloween party by placing some of the food in mason jars. They work great as candy or dessert holders and add a nice touch to serving, rather than just placing everything into tins and dishes. Another fun idea is to send each guest home with an edible favor, complete with the recipe printed on a tag and the ingredients needed filled inside the jar! It not only makes for a unique favor, but it’s something your friends and family can put to use, even after the recipe is gone!

Festive Drinks
Who needs cups when you have mason jars? Another way to add a festive touch to your Halloween party is by handing out seasonal drinks in mason jars. Take the lid off or keep it on and drill a hole through its top to stick a straw through. Add a creepy touch by throwing in some fake eyeballs! What a simple way to turn an ordinary drink into something special!

Now that you have a ton of ideas as to how you’re able to decorate mason jars, they can double as centerpieces for a Halloween party or seasonal-themed wedding. With so many innovative ways to put them to use, the ideas are truly endless and are yours to get creative with!

How will you be using mason jars to decorate this Halloween Season? Share with us in the comments below!

Main Photo Credit: Studiolarsen, via Pixabay