Five Ways to Stay Within Budget with Your 2015 Halloween Costume

Five Ways to Stay Within Budget with Your 2015 Halloween Costume

Who says you need to drop a huge wad of cash every year on a brand new Halloween costume? Not us! With many Americans spending serious amounts of cash on their costumes this year, we promise that there are tons of other ways to make your costume a dream come true. Here are five scarily cost efficient ways to make sure your 2015 Halloween costume is a scream!

Go DIY and head to your local thrift store!
Take a look through the racks and stacks of gently used clothing at your local thrift shop. There are bound to be tons of buried treasures to find, and best of all, at an affordable price!

Re-purpose costumes from past Halloweens!
Let’s say you were Marilyn Monroe back on Halloween 2010. Why not dig out that old costume, smear some blood on it, undeadify your face with makeup, and be a zombie version of the blonde bombshell! Way to go for upcycling!

Ask friends if you can borrow some of their stuff!
From clothing to makeup, old Halloween costumes to past dance recital outfits, we bet a few of your buds would have some apparel and accessories to share for the night.

Attend a costume swap event!
Costumes swap events are a great way to trade in an older costume for a “new” used costume from someone else who decided to donate and go the frugal route! Especially great for large families!

Skip the costume and focus on the face paint!
You’d be amazing at the sort of art people can create while using their own face as the canvas. Head online and search through the many Halloween makeup tutorials videos and get inspired!

Photo by Steven Depolo via Flickr.