The Best U.S. Towns to Celebrate Halloween

The Best U.S. Towns to Celebrate Halloween

Although Halloween is celebrated throughout the United States, there are cities in the country that go a bit further when it comes commemorating the holiday.

Most enjoy decorating their homes with spooky and gruesome decor for Halloween, while getting dressed in costume, trick-or-treating and hosting or attending a party. But there are some places that takes thing to the next level.

According to Travel and Leisure, here are the best towns in the United States to celebrate Halloween!

  1. Snowmass Village, Colorado
  2. Park City, Utah
  3. Chatham, Massachusetts
  4. Ludlow, Vermont
  5. Princeton, New Jersey
  6. Aspen, Colorado
  7. Harbor Springs, Michigan
  8. Bar Harbor, Maine
  9. Stowe, Vermont
  10. Delray Beach, Florida
  11. Winter Park, Florida
  12. Skaneateles, New York
  13. Telluride, Colorado
  14. New Hope, Pennsylvania
  15. Traverse City, Michigan
  16. Oakland, Maryland
  17. Franklin, Tennessee
  18. Beaver Creek, Colorado
  19. St. Augustine, Florida

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Image via Deposit Photos