31 Halloween Things To Do Before The Big Day

31 Halloween Things To Do Before The Big Day

While you’re patiently awaiting the holiday, why not fill up your October with tons of Halloween fun. It doesn’t have to be October 31st to act like it is, so celebrate! Here are 31 spooktacular activities and ideas to fill your time with leading up to the much anticipated All Hallows’ Ave.

1. Start planning your costume!

2. Make a Halloween mix!

3. Visit a haunted house!

4. Bake Halloween cookies!

5. Go pumpkin picking!

6. Have a scary movie marathon!

7. See what Halloween specials are on TV!

8. Spookify your place with decorations!

9. Swap scary stories!

10. Go candy shopping!

11. Carve up Jack O’ Lanterns!

12. Eat Halloween peeps!

13. Get lost in a corn maze!

14. Craft your own Halloween costume!

15. Mix up a Halloween punch!

16. Read a horror story or novel!

17. Check out a Halloween parade!

18. Make goody bags with your Halloween candy!

19. Get nostalgic with scary games!

20. Host a Halloween party!

21. Attend a Halloween party!

22. Explore local lore!

23. Buy a Halloween themed shirt!

24. Browse the Halloween goodies in stores!

25. Experiment with creepy makeup designs!

26. Dress your pet up!

27. Eat some of that candy you bought!

28. Check out other people’s Halloween costumes!

29. Go see a horror film in theaters!

30. Go DIY with your Halloween creativity!

31. Go trick or treating!