Creepy-Good Ways to Celebrate National Paranormal Day!

Creepy-Good Ways to Celebrate National Paranormal Day!

National Paranormal Day is is recognized around the world and is a time for both lovers of all things paranormal and those who just enjoy some good ghost stories to get their blood flowing with some scary-good fun. There are a couple different ways the day can be celebrated, that is, if you dare! Take a peek at the ideas below:

  • Visit a local medium
  • Share ghost stories with friends
  • Visit some year-round haunted houses
  • Go on a ghost tour
  • Get a psychic reading
  • Visit a real haunted spot in your city
  • Take a night-time tour of a cemetery
  • Create a ghostly craft with the kids
  • Break out the Ouija board
  • Have a scary movie night
  • Host a seance
  • Read a paranormal novel

Have a spooky way to celebrate National Paranormal Day you’d like to share with us? Comment below!

Photo Credit: Roo, via Flickr