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Must See Haunts for 2016

No matter which state you reside in, the Halloween Season is an endless celebration that takes place all Fall long. From Haunted Houses, Spook Walks, Haunted Hayrides, Haunted Corn Mazes and other scary-good attractions, there’s enough of frightening fun to keep the bravest of thrill seekers busy all throughout the season.

Check out’s Must See 2016 Haunted Attractions below, and get your Haunting Bucket List ready for this year. And if one of the below attractions isn’t in your state – it’s well worth a road trip to satisfy your hunger for horror!

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Alabama’s Must See Haunts: Greenville Haunted Firehouse – Greenville, AL

The Greenville Haunted Firehouse has been delivering scares to Greenville locals since 2003 and has grown over the years into a Haunted Attraction that is a favorite in Alabama. Jam-packed with horrifying action, the Greeneville Haunted Firehouse is a great way to enjoy some Halloween Season fun, all while supporting a wonderful cause within the community. And for those who are extra brave, bring a Teaser Ball with you throughout the haunt, and the creepy characters lurking throughout will know you’re fair game for the terror they have in store!

Alabama Nominees

Arizona’s Must See Haunted Attractions:  Sanctum of Horror – Mesa, AZ

Featuring two haunted attractions at one great location, Sanctum of Horror sends thrill seekers on a journey through the twisted mind of Lenore, where they’ll relive her violent past. Venture through the rooms of her childhood home, and witness the brutal murders of her family that took place there. Then there’s the ancient graveyard and St. Charlotte Asylum, where the patients have taken over, experimenting on the doctors who once tried to help them. Want to escape? Your only way out is through Lenore’s cell and into the basement where she would torture her victims!

Arizona’s Nominees

Arkansas Must See Haunts:  Haunted Hotel of Arkansas – Little Rock, AR

Located in Little Rock, the Haunted Hotel of Arkansas is a spot where you may not want to stay in overnight. This haunted attraction gives locals the thrills and chills they’re hungry for all year long. There’s no complimentary breakfast here, but thrill seekers can enjoy the midnight red meat buffet, indoor blood pools, room service that kills and of course, frequent screamer miles are accepted. Don’t miss out on the heart-pounding fun at the Haunted Hotel of Arkansas – and make sure you’re able to check out!

Arkansas Nominees

California Must See Haunts:  All Saints Lunatic Asylum – Apple Valley, CA

The All Saints Lunatic Asylum was once a state of the art mental health facility, but it lost its funding and had to shut its doors. Now, the current owner Ms. Collins has invited the public into the asylum that was left abandoned for half a century. The only thing is, this tour is like no other, as the old patients were unable to leave after it was shut down, and the doctors had no where to go. Visitors will be fully immersed into this fictional horror story surrounding an old asylum, do you have what it takes?

California Nominees

Colorado Must See Haunts:  HellScream Haunted Houses – Colorado Springs, CO

HellScream Haunted House of Colorado Springs takes the number one spot for the second year in a row on Delivering tons of terror for over five years, this intense haunted attraction has even gained attention from ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS and the Colorado Springs Gazette. An attraction that is surely not for the faint of heart, HellScream is designed by film, television and special effects professionals who do a scary-good job at terrifying the locals. Along with the haunt, HellScream also features “Escape From HellScream,” an Escape Game that features two unique rooms – The Elevator and The Manor.

Colorado Nominees

Connecticut Must See Haunts: Nightmare Acres – South Windsor, CT

The name suits this attraction well, as it is where your worst nightmares become a horrifying reality. Located at Nomads Outdoor Adventures on Governors Highway in South Windsor, Nightmare Acres satisfies the appetite for fright so many thrill seekers have throughout the entire year. Along with the frightening fun, visitors can enjoy all that Nomads has to offer, including a daytime rope course, a corn maze, bowling alley, indoor arcade and more!

Connecticut Nominees

Delaware Must See Haunts:  Nightmares Haunted House – Laurel, DE

Nightmares Haunted House of Laurel has been dubbed the #1 Overall Attraction Winner on for the second year in a row! With tons of twists and turns under one roof, Nightmares gives even the bravest of thrill seekers a terrifying experience during the Halloween Season. Visitors will enter the Vortex where Dr. Death resides and The Butcher is always in search of fresh meat. Along with the frightening fun in 2016, Nightmares Haunted House helped “Scare Away Hunger” by gathering canned foot items for donation with Adams Radio Group!

Delaware Nominees

Florida Must See Haunts: Enigma Haunt – Boca Raton, FL

Enigma Haunt is an indoor Haunted Attraction boasts more than 19,000 square feet of pure terror and three heart pounding attractions at one scary-good location. The attraction takes over an hour to complete and is surely not for the faint of heart. Each attraction awakens your senses, giving visitors the appetite for fright that they’re hungry for all year round. Pure evil comes in many forms, and at Enigma Haunt, you never know who or what you’ll come face to face with as you embark on this haunting adventure.

Florida Nominees

Georgia Must See Haunts:  Rocky Branch Ghost Town – Bremen, GA

This Haunted Attraction gives local thrill seekers a unique Halloween Season experience, as it takes place at an actual full scale Old West Ghost Town. Travel back in time on a frightful trip to the 19th Century and back to modern day today and enjoy a creepy hayride, ghost mine and lots of other ghoulish entertainment. The Halloween Hayride takes haunt-goers on a journey through Rocky Branches “Dead Woods,” an isolated wooded area that brings you into a twilight-zone of creatures who are hiding in the darkness, awaiting their next victims. And you never know who you’ll come in contact with as you pass by the Dead Woods Cemetery… where the souls are quite restless!

Georgia Nominees

Idaho Must See Haunts: Requiem Haunted House – Caldwell, ID

Located on Main Street in Caldwell, Requiem Haunted House boasts 5,000 square feet of indoor terror for thrill seekers to enjoy during the Halloween Season. Haunt-goers will experience a multi-level storytelling experience as they wander through Requiem, where they’ll witness everything from a circus freak show to those who have truly gone insane. Situated in a 100 year old building, Requiem Haunted House is surely not for the faint of heart, and is an attraction that is even the bravest of haunt-goers find terrifying. The attraction is also a sponsor and advocate for “Don’t Be A Monster,” an anti-bullying campaign for schools.

Idaho Nominees

Illinois Must See Haunts:  Midway of Madness Haunted Attraction – Urbana, IL

It all started with a backyard haunt that led to the Midway of Madness Haunted Attraction located at Champaign County Fairgrounds in Urbana. Midway boasts a dark and terrifying experience, giving thrill seekers a twisted spin on the good time carnivals we’ve all known and loved since childhood. But this one is nothing like the ones attended when you were a little one… crazy and creepy carnies infest this Haunted Attraction, in search of their latest victims!

Illinois Nominees

Indiana Must See Haunts:  The Haunting at Shireman Homestead – Columbus, IN

The Haunting at Shireman Homestead brings thrill seekers on a journey through the woods on a haunted trail that takes them past a ghost town and through twisted mazes and graveyards. Then they’ll arrive at the Mine Camp and if they’re able to make it all the way through, a tractor ride takes them back. Residing on the trail is the Headless Horseman, when will you come face to face with him? Well, it’s a surprise! The Haunting at Shireman Homestead also offers Children’s Friendly Hours during the Halloween Season for the little ones to enjoy some seasonal fun with less scares. They also host a Christmas Wagon Ride in December.

Indiana Nominees

Iowa Must See Haunts:  Eldora Haunted Hospital – Eldora, IA

Eldora Haunted Hospital is presented by the Eldora Rotary Club and is situated inside the abandoned wing of a hospital. This medical-themed haunt features eerie mazes, spooky scenes and ghoulish creatures from your very worst nightmares. Each Halloween Season, the Eldora Haunted Hospital takes place as a fundraising event and scares for a good cause. The attraction also offers flashlights during the first hour of each night for the little ones to enjoy before the big scares take place!

Iowa Nominees

Kansas Must See Haunts:  Zombie Toxin Haunted House – Junction City, KS

Located on N. Franklin Street in Junction City, Zombie Toxin Haunted House offers over 9,000 square feet of brain destroying zombie horror! Dr. Von Monschture was a brilliant and driven man and in the 1930s, certain areas of Germany’s scientific community was pushing their research into questionable and unethical areas. But no one pushed as hard as Dr. Von Monschture. After years of experiments, the neighbors of the Von Monschture family heard a tremendous explosion and saw a huge green fire burning at their home, and a sickly looking green fog billowing down the hillside from it. Will you be brave enough to take on Zombie Toxin and the Dr. himself?

Kansas Nominees

Kentucky Must See Haunts: Sinister Tombs Haunted House – Eastview, KY

Sinister Tombs features four attractions at one great location, including The Castle, The Woods, The Graveyard and The Cornfield, and some thrill seekers spend hours trying to find their way out. With profits going to charity, Sinister Tombs delivers tons of terror to Eastview local for a scary-good cause. What better way to enjoy the horror of the Halloween Season than taking on some frightening fun, all while supporting charity?!

Kentucky Nominees

Louisiana Must See Haunts: The Lost Hollows- Lake Charles, LA

Located on Derek Drive in Lake Charles, The Lost Hollows Haunted Attraction is family owned and operated and is the largest outdoor haunt in its area. This haunted trail will take thrill seekers on a terrifying journey through the deep, dark woods of The Lost Hollows. Be prepared as you take each step, as you never know who will be hiding behind the trees. The creepiest of creatures call the woods their home, and they’re awaiting their next visitors… or shall we say victims? The Lost Hollows are also a proud supporter of Don’t Be A Monster, an anti-bullying campaign for schools.

Louisiana Nominees

Maine Must See Haunts: Junkins Haunted Estate – Kittery, ME

Junkins Haunted Estate is located on Wilson Road in Kittery and is a not-for-profit haunted attraction that sits on over two acres, with tons of terror, thrills and chills throughout! As darkness surrounds you, you’ll be forced to venture through the quarter mile of woods through the haunted swamp! And beware as you make your journey through the estate, as the creepiest of creatures are residing, awaiting their latest victims!

Maine Nominees

Maryland Must See Haunts: Laurel’s House of Horror – Laurel, MD

Located on Fairlawn Avenue in Laurel, Laurel’s House of Horror features an array of Halloween Season fun for thrill seekers to take on. Journey through an abandoned movie theater infested with terrifying scenes from your favorite horror movies. In 2016, Laurel’s House featured a new attraction, Georgetown Alley, along with the Industrial Warehouse, the Carnevil of Madness, and The Unknown – all located in four separately themed areas.

Maryland Nominees

Massachusetts Must See Haunts: Haunted Woods Hayride Grafton, MA

Presented by the Grafton Lions Club, this not for profit Haunted Attraction introduced thrill seekers to a “Nightmare on Brigham Hill” in 2016. On the hill is where you’ll meet the horrors and villains straight out of your worst nightmares. As you take a ride into the haunted woods, these creepy creatures will be in search of some new friends to stay with them! Will you be able to face your fears and make it out alive? Or will the haunted woods be where you forever reside?

Massachusetts Nominees

Michigan Must See Haunts: Terrorfied Forest – Pinckney, MI

Terrorfied Forest of Pinckney has been delivering tons of terror to thrill-seeking locals for over a decade. The haunted attraction sits on over 30 acres, and features a spook walk that is over a mile long, and takes about 40 minutes to complete. Terrorfied Forest also offers a carnival-themed Haunted House called the Bubble’s Funhouse, where the ghost of Bubbles resides. The demented clown was accidentally left behind during the carnival, and he is not very happy about it! Will you be brave enough to conquer the Terrorfied Forest?

Michigan Nominees

Minnesota Must See Haunts: Zimmerman’s Trail of Terrors – Zimmerman, MN

Zimmerman’s Trail of Terrors takes place in a remote wooded area and gives Zimmerman locals the scares they await all year long. When visitors enter the gates, they’ll have to walk past the swamp where they’ll come face to face with the demented Uncle Otis Odene. Then the venture begins through the zombies who reside in the cemetery. And the frightening fun doesn’t stop there… With 14 other haunts to venture through, Zimmerman’s Trail of Terrors is infested with killer clowns, chainsaw maniacs and back woodsman who are awaiting their latest visitors, or shall we say victims?!

Minnesota Nominees

Mississippi Must See Haunts: House of the Haunted Fields – Raymond, MS

The House of the Haunted Fields located in Raymond sits on over two acres of land and features a Haunted House and Haunted Trail for thrill seekers to take on during the Halloween Season. Visitors will enjoy a tour of the 100 year old farmhouse, as well as do their best to survive the terror trail that is infested with creepy creatures of all kinds! Are you brave enough to take on both attractions?

Mississippi Nominees

Missouri Must See Haunts: Phobius Haunted House – Wright City, MO

Phobius Haunted House was established in 2012 and is owned and operated by Fearsome Entertainment, LLC. The crew at Fearsome brings a unique approach to the haunted house industry. While delivering tons of terror to the Wright City locals and those who travel from even further, Phobius also supports great causes, including The Special Olympics, the Missouri Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway Program and have implemented an Education Donation Program through the use of coupons. In addition to receiving a discount, Fearsome also donates $1 for each coupon redeemed to the high school of the patron’s choice. What better way to enjoy the terror of the Halloween Season than to help out some wonderful causes at the same time?!

Missouri Nominees

Montana Must See Haunts: Sparkettes of Montana Haunted Hay Ride – Great Falls, MT

Sparkettes of Montana Haunted Hay Ride is located in Great Falls and features a haunted trail, known as the Trail of Terror, which features all new scares each and every year. Beware as you turn each corner, as you never know who or what you may come in contact with as you try and find your way out!

Montana Nominees

Nebraska Must See Haunts: KneeKnocker Woods – Gibbon, NE

Gibbon’s KneeKnocker Woods was created by the owners and family of Icon Poly, a custom 3D sculpture fabrication company. This outdoor haunted attraction brings thrill seekers through an animatronic Halloween experience along an old wooded river. Visitors will journey through Grandpa Grimm’s eerie woods, where creepy creatures of all kinds are lurking, awaiting their latest victims. Then you’ll come across the abandoned zombie infested graveyard, where the undead are restless and hungry for blood! Will you be brave enough to complete the haunting adventure that is KneeKnocker Woods?

Nebraska Nominees

Nevada Must See Haunts: Slaughter House at the Reno Aces Ballpark – Reno, NV

To celebrate their 10th year of terror, Reno Fright Fest featured “Slaughter House” as their terrifying theme for the Halloween Season. The attraction is Northern Nevada’s largest indoor Haunted House and features new and exciting thrills and chills each and ever year for locals to enjoy.

Nevada Nominees

New Hampshire Must See Haunts: The Ghoullog Haunted Attraction – North Conway, NH

Located in North Conway, The Ghoullog Haunted Attraction features a number of haunted attractions throughout a 15,000 square foot space. Attractions include The Ghoullog, The Haunted Playground and Ghoullog Plus. Then after thrill seekers take on the scares, they can enjoy some drinks and food at the Broken Skull Pub and shop for cool items at The Rotting Corpse Gift Shoppe!

New Hampshire Nominees

New Jersey Must See Haunts: Bamboo Gardens Walk of Fear – Vincentown, NJ

This mega haunt delivers tons of terror to thrill seekers in the Southampton area, and is just 20 minutes from Center City Philadelphia. For those that dare to enter, the journey begins in the House of Pain, a twisted house of horror that has been long abandoned and features several themed rooms and hallways infested with creepy creatures of all kinds. Then comes the Asylum Take In Facility, where haunt-goers venture into a twisted maze of bamboo horror, with monsters lurking throughout. Be extra careful as you turn each corner, because you never know what or who you might find! The fun doesn’t stop there either, Bamboo Gardens also offers the Black Light Forest, Blood Beach, The Black Hole, Toxic Dump, The Ruins and the Zombie Infestation Boneyard. With all that terror at one great location, it’s no surprise if one doesn’t make it out!

New Jersey Nominees

New Mexico Must See Haunts: NM Slaughter House Haunted Attraction – Albuquerque, NM

The NM Slaughter House is where a demented, sadomasochistic couples resides, along with “Nina,” their believed to be perfect child. Follow Nina throughout the secret passages that all of the children made to try to survive the couple, while encountering hidden booby traps that “Leather Head” installed. Will you be brave enough to make it out?

New Mexico Nominees

New York Must See Haunts: Bayville Scream Park – Bayville, NY

Located at the Bayville Adventure Park, which transforms into a terrifying destination each Halloween Season, the Scream Park features five Haunted Attractions that are sure to get your heart racing. A Top 10 Rated Attraction six years in a row on, the park becomes invaded by ghosts and ghouls and is made up of the Bloodworth Haunted Mansion, Uncle Needle’s Fun House of Fear, Temple of Terror, Zombie Pirates and Evil in the Woods. Do you have what it takes to complete all five spine-tingling attractions?

New York Nominees

North Carolina Must See Haunts: Boogerwoods Haunted Attraction – Rockwell, NC

Located in Rockwell, Boogerwoods will celebrate its 40th year of delivering scares in the 2017 Halloween Season. Not only is the haunted attraction, sending chills down the spines of locals, they also support a wonderful cause. Proceeds made from the attraction go to Curing Cystic Fibrosis – what better way to celebrate the Halloween Season than enjoying frightening fun while supporting a great cause? In 2016, Boogerwoods featured an array of attractions and entertainment for locals to enjoy. From the 3D Vortex, Booger Meat Packing, Mine Shaft, Boogerassic Park, Holding Tank and Booger Moonshiners, to the Booger Cinema, Club Booger, Booger Taxi Service and Uncle Joe’s Clown School – the seasonal fun is truly endless.

North Carolina Nominees

North Dakota Must See Haunts: Dark Acres Haunted House & Corn Maze – Williston, ND

During the day, Dark Acres operates a costume shop in downtown Williston, and at night is when the thrills and chills take over! The attraction features both a Haunted House and Haunted Maze for thrill seekers to try and journey through during the Halloween Season.

North Dakota Nominees

Ohio Must See Haunts: King Farrar Field of a Thousand Corpses – Oak Hill, OH

Located in the backwoods of Southeastern Ohio, King Farrar Field of a Thousand Corpses takes thrill seekers on a haunting journey like no other. Featuring a Haunted Maze that is complete with an insane asylum and butcher chop, it’s easy to say that those you’ll meet while venturing through are not to be taken lightly. Infested with creepy creatures and monsters throughout, King Farrar delivers the scares that so many have an appetite for during the Halloween Season!

Ohio Nominees

Oklahoma Must See Haunts: Guthrie Haunts ScareGrounds – Guthrie, OK

Located on Riverside Circle in Guthrie, this mega haunt features over 30,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor terror. With two extreme haunted attractions at one great location, Guthrie Haunts is intense even for the bravest of haunt-goers. New for 2017 is “Insomnia,” a truly immersive attraction that is sure to get your blood pumping. And in November, there will be a special “In The Dark” edition for those who think they’re brave enough to take on Insomnia in the pitch black!

Oklaoma Nominees

Oregon Must See Haunts: Fear Asylum – Milwaukie, OR

Located in Milwaukie at The Milwaukie-Portland Elks, this haunted attraction offers 25,000 feet of absolute terror. Two stories of frightening fun to take on, many rooms with horrifying scenery and mysterious hallways that will have you wishing you never entered in the first place!

Oregon Nominees

Pennsylvania Must See Haunts: The Haunting of Elks Lodge #714 – Bridgeport, PA

The Haunting of Elks Lodge #714 is situated in a building that dates back to 1900 and is home to some unusual occurrences, including an exorcism of the building itself. Every October, the historic location in the heart of Montgomery County transforms into a Halloween Haunted House by the non-profit organization, Elks. The Haunting of Elks Lodge creates fresh and frightening scares each year, giving thrill seekers a completely new experience from the year before. Do you have what it takes to venture through the Elks Lodge as it’s infested with creepy creatures of all kinds? All while being in an already super creepy building that may just have some resident ghosts of its own!

Pennsylvania Nominees

Rhode Island Must See Haunts: Fortress of Nightmares – Newport, RI

Located in New Port, Fortress of Nightmares features four horrifying haunted attractions at one great location. There’s the Tunnels of Terror, a ghoulish maze where creatures creep, Mayhem 3D, a UV enhanced walk-through maze, and Paranormal360, an attractions that utilizes state of the art technology to synchronize over two dozen VR headsets together. Visitors will experience an 8-minute horror movie all at the same time!

Rhode Island Nominees

South Carolina Must See Haunts: Fear the Woods – Haunted Woods – Clinton, SC

Located on Old Colony Road in Clinton, Fear the Woods sure knows how to deliver tons of terror to local thrill seekers. Visitors (or shall we say victims) will journey through the darkness on a haunted trail that is infested with creepy creatures of all kinds. Those that reside in the woods like to hide in the strangest of places, awaiting the sound of your footsteps. Beware as you make each step, because you never know who you may come face to face with in the Haunted Woods!

South Carolina Nominees

South Dakota Must See Haunts: Fear Asylum Haunted House – Brookings, SD

Fear Asylum in Brookings is the setting of a large mental institution where patients reside, awaiting their next visitors. Do you have what it takes to come face to face with the demented and twisted minds that call the asylum home?

South Dakota Nominees

Tennessee Must See Haunts: Fright Farm/Zombie Apocalypse Paintball Hunt – Dandridge, TN

This outdoor Haunted Attraction is located just minutes away from Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Knoxville and other East Tennessee cities. Situated on 30 acres, the haunted farm and woods bring thrill seekers on a self-guided journey through terror. Infested with creepy creatures of all kinds, you never know who you’ll come face to face with. In 2016, Martial Law was put into effect and the streets of Dandridge erupted into chaos. Thrill seekers who are brave enough to take on the challenge will be the only thing standing between survival and the total extinction of the human race!

Tennessee Nominees

Texas Must See Haunts: The Parker House Haunted Attraction – Denton, TX

Presented by DFW Fright Nights Inc., The Parker House Haunted Attraction in Denton is a haunt that was inspired by true ghost stories that surrounded the location. Over 65 years ago, Old Man Parker, his wife Nancy and daughter Mary opened their home to families who experienced deaths of loved ones. Until the 1940’s, families would keep their deceased family members in their homes until the time came for them to be buried. The Parker House ended up being a spot for families to do just this, which means an enormous amount of dead bodies were brought to the home before they were set to rest. The attraction features three haunts in one, including The Parker’s Mortuary, The Parker Plantation and Ratliff’s Sanitarium. Celebrate the Halloween Season and find out who (or what) resides within the Parker House – that is, if you dare!

Texas Nominees

Utah Must See Haunts: Nightmare on 13th – Salt Lake City, UT

Nightmare on 13th in Salt Lake City began in 1990 as The Institute of Terror Haunted House and has since grown into the enormous attraction that it is today. It was dubbed one of America’s scariest attractions by The Travel Channel and boasts 36,000 square feet of terror. Do you believe you have what it takes to brave all those scares?!

Utah Nominees

Vermont Must See Haunts: Reeve’s Haunted House – Essex, VT

Reeve’s Haunted House features a terrifying self-guided venture through 15 haunted basement rooms. Each room offers a horrifying theme, each one different from the next, but all are guaranteed to scare even the bravest of thrill seekers!

Vermont Nominees

Virginia Must See Haunts: Haunted Nightmares – Winchester, VA

Haunted Nightmares is located in Winchester on Hill High Farm and features over 4,600 square feet of scares! This high energy Haunted Attraction not only delivers frightening fun to locals, they also have daytime shows that are a little less intense for younger audiences to enjoy. Then there’s ‘The Last Ride,’ a “buried alive” simulator for those brave enough to jump inside a casket to experience the feeling of being buried alive. Once you’ve braved the attraction and maybe even The Last Ride, visitors can take 3D photos in the photo booth and take them home as a souvenir! And if you get hungry after all the scares, Haunted Nightmares offers a concession trailer that is open every night, featuring delicious food and beverages. With an array of entertainment, this Winchester attraction is one you don’t want to miss out on!

Virginia Nominees

Washington Must See Haunts: Haunted Forest of Maple Valley – Maple Valley, WA

The Haunted Forest of Maple Valley takes place at Maple Valley’s Royal Arch Park and features a mile-long Haunted Trail. The outdoor haunted attraction not only delivers tons of terror for the fun of the Halloween Season, but to support the community as well. Be prepared as you step foot onto the trail, as it is where your very worst fears will become a horrifying reality. And you never know who you’ll come face to face with as you journey through the dark woods! Haunted Forest of Maple Valley also offers a less-scary “Family Walk” for the younger crowd to enjoy.

Washington Nominees

West Virginia Must See Haunts: Pecks Mill Haunted Trail Chapmanville, WV

Pecks Mill Haunted Trail is located on Big Valley Road in Chapmanville and features a spooky van ride, haunted trail, haunted maze, creepy barn, haunted house and basement – all at one great location! Do you have what it takes to brave them all?

West Virginia Nominees

Wisconsin Must See Haunts: Zombus – Zombie Apocalypse Paintball – Little Suamico, WI

At Zombus, visitors can enjoy a unique Halloween Season experience, all while testing out their shooting skills on the undead. You’ll take a 20 passenger zombie slaying vehicle and before the creatures attack your bus, you must eliminate them. As they try their best to infect you, you’ll be shooting them with special “zombie stopping” plutonium laced tracer paintball’s. This interactive attraction is a sure way to get your blood flowing, as the zombies will be coming out from everywhere you can think of! Will you be able to survive and help your team?

Wisconsin Nominees

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