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Photo by mwms1916, via Flickr

Photo by mwms1916, via Flickr

Fall is upon us and here in Kansas, there’s a great deal of seasonal fun to be had long until Winter arrives. A traditional yet fun way to celebrate the season is by testing your skills in a Corn Maze! A popular adventure for families and those of any age, Corn Mazes are a delightful way to see just how well you can work with others while trying to escape.

Corn Mazes are especially fun for those who enjoy a good challenge, since you won’t be able to find the exit right away, you’ll be wandering around for quite some time, depending on how large the maze is. If you’re a beginner and don’t want to get lost for too long – have no fear! There are mazes that vary in size, offering fun to both beginners and the pros. While inside, you’ll turn corners, thinking you have beat the game and have found your way out – when all of a sudden you’ve reached a dead end. This may happen a couple times before you find the exit, but that’s what is most fun about these mysterious mazes!

Photo by University of the Fraser Val, via Flickr

Photo by University of the Fraser Val, via Flickr

Corn Mazes Near Kansas






Photo by Mack Male, via Flickr

Photo by Mack Male, via Flickr

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Haunted Cannery Spook House

10001 NW Highway 77
El Dorado, KS

Open between Oct 1, 2021 and Oct 30, 2021

Buffalo Bill Cultural Center Oakley Corn Festival

3083 US Hwy 83
Oakley, KS

Open between Oct 15, 2021 and Oct 17, 2021

Sunny Side Pumpkin Patch

11500 S. Hopkins Road
Assaria, KS

Mr. Gourdman's Pumpkin Patch

3750 S. Dusty Rd
Derby, KS

Kerby Farm Pumpkin Patch

15943 158th
Bonner Springs, KS

Open between Sep 26, 2021 and Oct 31, 2021

Applejack Pumpkin Patch

10007 SW Indianola Rd
Augusta, KS

Open between Sep 26, 2021 and Oct 31, 2021

Gieringers Family Orchard & Berry Farm

39675 W 183rd St
Edgerton, KS

A & H Farm Fall Festival

1374 Collins Lane
Manhattan, KS

Open between Sep 26, 2021 and Oct 31, 2021

Meadowlark Farm

11249 SW 160th St
Rose Hill, KS

P and M Pumpkin Ranch LLC

311 16th Ave
Moundridge, KS

Pumpkin Paradise LLC

1855 Co Rd 100
Sublette, KS

Granny Mae's Pumpkin Patch

3871 198th St
Dorrance, KS

Open between Oct 2, 2021 and Oct 31, 2021

Long Pumpkin Patch

163 NE 30 Rd
Great Bend, KS

Pleasant Ridge Farm

2710 Vermont Road
Rantoul, KS

Walters' Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

10001 NW U.S. Highway 77
Burns, KS

Powell Pumpkin Patch

25695 Spring Valley Rd
Louisburg, KS